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Coded v0.9. New project type - MongoDB

We did a lot of work and added new project type - MongoDB. Now you can create MongoDB databases on any server (VPS, cloud or dedicated) with a few clicks. Just open your Dashboard and click on Add Project button. Also, we added a few useful features for your MongoDB projects:

  • custom domains for databases. For example, URL like project-name.letscoded.com can be data.mywebsite.com
  • SSH login into your database containers. It's very helpful when you need to admin your database. Click on the How to deploy button on a cell with your project at Dashboard

Sharding and backups are already in our roadmap. And feel free to send us your ideas and feedback on how we can make Coded better.

Coded v 0.7. Unlimited cloud and dedicated servers in each account

Coded v 0.7 is here. We added one of the most important feature as we think - unlimited servers in each account. For example, you want to deploy your project in 2 different locations. How can you do it with Coded? It's very simple:

That's all.

Deploy website in different locations

Coded v0.6. Staging for any project with zero-configuration

Great news! Coded 0.6 provides staging for any project hosted on Coded. No more config files just push your code to a branch (for example, ‘dev’) and you’ll get a project available at dev.project-name.letscoded.com . All changes and improvements in v0.6:

  • Staging for all projects with zero-configuration
  • We make app containers lighter. Now creating new project takes only a minute
  • Now you can deploy Go projects. If you don’t know about it yet, Go is an open source programming language that makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software. Go is very very fast.
  • We replaced Express framework to Polka in some parts of Coded. Looks like Polka is really fast.

If you want to try out an early version contact us at hey@letscoded.com and we'll provide an account with a free cloud server.

Coded v. 0.5 with new dashboard is here.

Coded v0.5 is here - new dashboard, automated SSL certificates for your projects and multiple ssh keys. If you want to try out an early version contact us at hey@letscoded.com and we'll provide an account with a free cloud server.

  • New Dashboard

Now Coded has the new dashboard where you can create new projects, get info about projects and add custom domains. If you don't need to push any code (for example, you want to create a blog on Ghost or online store using Reaction Commerce) just use our web interface.

  • SSL certificates

Thanks Let’s Encrypt for free and automated SSL certificates. Now all your projects are SSL-secured.

  • Multiple SSH keys

Some of us develop awesome projects on two or more computers. Before your account had only one SSH key but from this version, you can add as many SSH keys as you want. To add new key open your account (https://letscoded.com/hey), log into your account, click on the circle at the top right corner and select "Account" from the drop-down menu.

  • Improved CLI

We improved our CLI (https://letscoded.com/#install-cli). Now if you don't know what are Git or SSH keys we'll help you to install and set up them on your computer.

  • Mobile website

We fixed some UI glitches on our mobile website. We know that sometimes you have only mobile devices during your bike trip or hiking in the Alps but you want to check if your website is up. Now you can just type in letscoded.com in your mobile browser and check if a website has any problems.

  • Other fixies

We fixed a few problems with app deleting the previous version had

Coded v.0.3 - Node.js apps & custom domains

We are happy to announce new great features in Coded - Node.js containers & custom domains. If you want to try out an early version contact us at hey@letscoded.com and we'll provide an account with a free cloud server.

Coded v.0.3:

  • Node.js apps

Now you can deploy any node.js app. As you remember we added SSH login into your app container so you can install any Node.js tools like you make it on your local machines.

  • Custom domains

Coded hasn't any limits on using custom domains. Want to add 100 domains for your web app? No problem, type in 'Coded' in your Terminal, select 'My projects' in the main menu and add as many custom domains as you want.

Coded v0.2 - SSL, static websites & balance loading

Coded v0.2 is available at letscoded.com. We added a few amazing features to make deployment faster and easily

  • Static websites

Sometimes we need to launch just static websites. Now you can create unlimited static websites with one command. Just type in 'coded' command in your Terminal, set the project name and your site will be online.

  • ** Load balancing**

In a few words load balancing is used for improving performance and reducing the latency of your servers. We have experience with different load balancers but we decided to use Haproxy. It's very fast (see benchmarks here), light and easy to use.

Coded v.0.1 is here. Git hooks and ssh login

We are proud to introduce the first early version of Coded. We want to make the platform helped any developer, project founder and anyone else to make their websites and web apps online in a simple way.

Coded v 0.1

  • SSH login in app containers

You can log in into containers with your apps via SSH. It means that you can use them without any restrictions. For example, you want to use an old version of Node.js. Now you can do it easily. Just log in your container, install the needed version from the official source and that's all. You shouldn't spend hours learning how special tools work.

  • Git hooks

Custom git hooks will fire off custom scripts when certain important actions occur. For example, you can run tests after pushing code changes.